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6-ого Всемирного Конгресса «Митохондрия как мишень» (6th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria, 28-30 October, 20 Ritz Carlton, Berlin, Germany, OREKHOV, N. Alexander ATHEROGENIC MITOCHONDRIAL MUTATIONS (Poster Presentation)); и Международного Саммита «Врожденный иммунитет»  (The 2015 Innate Immunity Summit, 17–19 November 2015, London, United Kingdom, Innate Immunity in Atherosclerosis, Professor Alexander N. Orekhov).

Abstract: «Innate immunity associated chronic reaction in arterial wall may trigger formation of atherosclerotic lesion. The main participants of innate immunity in atherosclerosis are multiple modified low density lipoprotein, hematogenous inflammatory cells as well as pluripotent resident cells of the arterial wall also involved in the immune response. Modifies lipoprotein particles form a self associates that arterial immune cells erroneously recognize as a foreign pathogen and trigger the innate immune response. If the mechanism of the innate immune system is working properly process terminates quickly. In case of breakdown of this mechanism reparative reaction may continue for a long time and transforms into chronic form. Chronic reaction is accompanied by local accumulation of lipids, increased proliferation of arterial cells, hypersecretion of extracellular matrix and violation of cell to cell communication that leads to the formation of atherosclerotic lesions».