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11 ноября 2011 года, в 18.00 часов состоится открытая лекция по теме «Лидерство в сетевой экономике» - «Лидерство без страха». Модератор лекций – Туомо Сумманен.

alt Пекка Вильякайнен, председатель правления ALL Capital

Тема лекции:

«Лидерство без страха»
Место проведения: Политехнический музей,
Новая площадь ¾, подъезд 9, Малая аудитория
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I truly believe that FEAR is the biggest factor preventing us from growing as business leaders, which is strange, because the world is more open to competition and growth than ever before. Borders are open. Goods, information and assets travel freely. Even consumers have changed. We are more willing to give our TRUST to bankers, shopkeepers and media houses, even if they are no longer located around the corner. So the world is open.
My biggest fear factor as leader is related to my ability to create value for my people. Over the next 30 years I’ll probably need to recruit anywhere between 1 to 100,000 people for my teams. Most of them will belong to the PlayStation generation.
They are better educated, more social, more communicative and more international than I am. How the heck can I, as a leader, make them work for my value creation network? What do I have to change in my own behavior? How can I help them further their careers?
This project has been a long-term dream of mine. While writing this book and building the community, we tried, with all possible humility, to find some real answers and solutions. We are not trying to lecture. We’re trying to facilitate a dialogue and encourage new ways of thinking. By sharing our thoughts, we want to become a part of your value creation network.